Anonymous said:
Do you know your Myers-Briggs type?

no i have heard of it where do i take it?

Anonymous said:
Do you have a feeling that she likes you back or are you 100% sure that she doesn't like you that way?

sort of both actually, however i don’t know if its my mind making fantasies or if its real so i cant touch it or act on it. I just know my heart has all this love to give and if i was told that it was reciprocated, i would just let it all fall out.

Anonymous said:
This is so hard. I think I've overwhelmed my crush by being too available/reaching out too much. And I can't stop doubting everything I do. Or thinking about it. How do you divert attention to something more productive and less painful? How do you stop making this be about you?

normally I would be able to answer questions like this with great depth, im always told i give great advice, however, this is sort of me right now. except i think my crush may not think i like them on a friend level. I don’t follow them anywhere, yet i look at the accounts everyday. stuff like that. 

Try to become occupied. go walk and watch the sunset, and listen to music (im probably making a playlist reeeaallyy soon) and really just give yourself a chance to feel it you know? whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself. 

it’s okay for your feelings to be about you. your life is about you.

Anonymous said:
Why do you assume this crush won't be interested?

i actually don’t know. i really, really want it to work out.

miscopied said:
i feel your pain. it sucks rlly, in my case i usually just drown out the emotions w sad music that i can relate to. im currently listening to "you there" by aquilo

jesus i love that song sooo much. im currently listening to wonderwall cover by ryan adams. i would love to share music with you, if you like that song you have a beautiful taste. :)

watching porn

  1. while you're horny: YOOOOOO
  2. after you cum: ew
Anonymous said:
Why can't you just approach/ask out/flirt with your crush?

rejection doesnt sit well with me especially when i have strong feelings like this. how come i get to feel all of these things and the other person is just like a flatline? how come i get to have dreams about the person and fantasize all day but the other is just going about their business? the fuck is that for? if I feel this heavy about loving a crush, then it should be meant to be. unfortunately it isn’t that way. you can catch feelings and the other one can just live their life without emotions towards you back. Thats not fair.

Anonymous said:
did you ever confess to any of your crushes?

one. after that, I promised myself that this just shouldn’t happen again, I cant put my emotions at stake like that ever again. and my crush right now, i haven’t told one soul about. its been like this since february and i haven’t told one person.