Whats up Sone! Hyolights has arrived! Can you guys believe it?? It's been 1YEAR since I joined tumblr! Well, really, it's been 1 year and 14 days, my anniversary was on the 140228 but I'm a lazy ass :) I've gained SO MANY followers and I'm super duper thankful to all of you guys! my Hyolighters. I remember first joining, i was like yaaasssss this social network slayes my faves lmao

To celebrate me being here for 1Year I decided to make a follow forever. You guys are amazing, and you guys are always keeping my dash looking literally 100% perfect (except for when y'all post dat surprise porn-- dont do dat) and I love y'all!

If your name is in italics (or an i next to it) - I really like you / your blog. If your bolded, your fucking awesome. You already know what a combination would be.

# - F:
-blackjack (I had to lmao), 0-fivethirty, 4eversone, alwaysoshi, beautifulgeneration, bomminatorbuttaerfly, cngeneration, crazy-dorky, crownedragon, cu-taedohdoro (i), entertaengme (ily omg), faniehwang, fanyhoney, foreverfany

G - H:
ga-ho (i), gayforhwang, getyourtaeon, gglove93, gor-jessicat, gorjessbb, grandpaaa-sam, haeyuns, heartae, heylululu, hyo-aholic, hyolove, hyolights (yaaASSSSS)hyosic, hyostagram, hyoyeon (ik its out of order ok idgaf), hyoyeoning

ibleedpastelpink, idiotae, idontbringtheboysout, igotagenie9, intervn, jeongmeanjessicajungs (senpai material), jessicajuns (yaas),  jjongbling, jongie-itjonginsdick,joohyun-s, justmyperfectgoddess, k1myeon, kim-hyoyeon, kimteyon, kiyazhou, koreaandtheirgirlgroups (i),kricasso, kwonyurianon, kyuyeon

le-twinkle----------twinkle, lightiffany, loliconl0ver, minyuls, mrtaeyeon, nine-butts, ninepearls, ninepearls, ninthwish, ohyoonas,perfectaeyeon, pinkshidae, prettysailorscout2000 (i), psu-terra, pumpkinlub, roselily01ruby-sica,

seorfboarding (i), 
seoguma, seohyunxsincity, sextaengshiikoroshiningseason,sonyuhs, soonkyuyam, sootaeny,sooyawnsooyoung-shidae, soshimoshi, soshing, ssiel, suveonssiel,

taecutie (I LOVE LAURA), taekovertaengay (YAAS NAT),taeofftaetiseo, taeyeonologist, taeyonceetaeyummie (i), teasica, telepany, tiffanytiamo, tiffnys (i luv christy),tittyseotoldyouseo (i), wu-fanyeahcl,yoonyvl, younas, yultra, yurioppa

So thats it! If you ain't on here, you still perfect.
Make sure to check out my blogroll, I follow a lot of people lmao. 
Thank you guys so much!!! jigeumeun; sone yuh shi dae!! 

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